A unique and innovative approach to social media that emphasizes free speech, user privacy, and a more personal and authentic experience.

Why HushTalks?

HushTalks was created to provide a safe and secure platform for users to express their ideas and opinions freely. We believe in the fundamental principle of free speech and the power of anonymity to level the playing field and promote more open and honest conversations. By providing a space for audio content, we also aim to enhance the human connection between users and foster a more authentic experience than traditional text-based social media platforms. Additionally, our use of cryptocurrency and NFTs provides a unique way for users to engage with and be rewarded for their contributions to the community. Overall, HushTalks offers a fresh and innovative approach to social media that empowers users and promotes free expression.

Community governance

Members with good reputations can participate in decision-making and shape the direction of the community.

Feedback System

To reward those posting valuable content and to punish those sharing malicious content.

Anonymity for all

All users are anonymous, which promotes a more level playing field and encourages users to express their opinions freely without fear of prejudice or censorship.

Collective Consciousness

We bring freedom of speech to social media so everyone can be active in a safe and solid space.

Content Centric

Interest-based clubs that enable users to form sub-communities around specific topics.


HushTalk uses an incentive program for its participant based on the potentialities of Tokenomics. Hushtalk utilises tokens in order to fairly reflect each person's contribution to the community and ensure that each user's subjective contribution is valued, and more, these contributions promote the community's core values.
The Tokenomics of the HushTalks ecosystem is under the design process and the team's main concern is to develop three tokens with which all the user's relation with each other is valued. these tokens also will be used as a measure of reputation, and a way to distribute governance to the trustable participants (Hushtalkers). In the first phase, these tokens will be managed by the company but the ultimate aim is to use blockchain in order to truly decentralized the ecosystem of Hushtalk.

Our Key Features

HushTalks offers a range of features that distinguish it from traditional social media platforms.

Audio based Control

Allows users to record and share their voices with others. This allows for a more authentic and personal experience than text-based platforms.

Interest based Clubs

Themed communities that allow users to connect with others who share their interests.

Rewarding System

Via our proprietary cryptocurrency and attractive international tokens

Voice Filters

HushTalks offers a range of voice filters that allow users to customize their recordings and add personality to their posts.

In-App Wallet

HushTalks offers an in-app wallet that allows users to store and transact with our proprietary cryptocurrency and other international tokens.


Users can create and purchase speech NFTs, providing a new way to engage with and be rewarded for their contributions to the community.

Join us easily!

You can download and install HushTalks Application, and enjoy this audio-based social media.